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Why do we do it?

Many ask us why we build green building houses. We simply reply that we want to go against the tide, challenge the market and go back to building the houses of the past, those that made our grandparents live better, those that were built with the right criteria and that did not hide pitfalls to our health, such as mold and spores that are easily found in every corner.

We take up the construction technologies that have been standard in the East, in northern Europe and in the United States for centuries and that present only advantages. On our site we explain why.

The experience of thirty years of work of Venetian Haus is at the customer's service still today, proposing itself as the Single Interlocutor from the Foundations up to the delivery of the Keys of your home.

4 Building Technologies

1. Wood

A wooden house is above all safer. Excellent advantages are also achieved in terms of energy efficiency.
Wooden houses also guarantee greater well-being and protect the value of the investment.


2. Acciaio

Anti-seismic resistance and eco-sustainability. Steel is, par excellence, the material for structures. It manages to be resistant, light and flexible at the same time. This ensures that it guarantees the best possible response to an earthquake. This without affecting the architectural aspect, which can be shaped as desired.


3. Straw Bale

A straw house is a healthy and comfortable home.
Building with straw bales is probably the best alternative to common techniques for building bio-sustainable buildings.
The future of green building lies in an ancient material.


4. Hemp

The contribution of constructions in plant materials to environmental protection essentially derives from the ability not to introduce, but to "sequester", carbon dioxide.
To live, plants convert CO2 and water into the hydrocarbons they are made of. This polluting component is sequestered in the atmosphere and fixed in the tissues of plants. Hemp is an excellent CO2 fixer.



On request we can meet all the requirements necessary to certify your new home according to one or more of the following institutions.

The energy certification of the building with one of the following institutes is a voluntary choice but it offers you the guarantee that your new home meets very strict requirements that certainly give it an added value and offer you the certainty of going to live in an environment healthy, comfortable and low environmental impact.



The CasaClima certification represents an energy standard, a brand that guarantees the high energy efficiency of the building with a consequent saving in consumption and air conditioning costs.
The certificate highlights the building's energy needs and considers two assessment classes: the building's thermal insulation and the quality of the system (heating or cooling).
The categories expressed in the CASACLIMA certificate allow to identify the energy consumption degree of a building.



LEED is the environmental certification tool for buildings, developed in the United States by the Green Building Council (USGBC).
Recently, the LEED certification is also offered in Italy by the Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia).


Passivhaus Institut

The Passive House certification issued by the Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt represents the future for energy-efficient buildings.
A Passive House is a building that remains comfortable in all seasons without an active heating or cooling system.



ITACA is an Italian protocol of the Institute for Innovation and Transparency of Contracts and Environmental Compatibility.
Born in 1996 under the pressure of activity and the search for free professionals organized at national level in associations that adopt the SBMethod indications and principles of the SBC.
The evaluation system is contextualised to the regional realities and refers to a very specific Legislative and Normative framework.



Sustainable Building 100 (sb100) is the system designed by ANAB (National Bioecological Architecture Ass.) For addressing, assessing and checking the sustainability of building interventions.
The scope of analysis is therefore broader than the systems that assess the sustainability of the building solely as a function of energy certification.



The INBAR brand certifies an eco-sustainable residential building process when the "environmental energy" performances of suitable and sufficient buildings to characterize sustainable architecture are achieved.
The certification procedure is aimed both at new interventions and at restoration interventions of the residential building heritage or similar ones.
The approach of the system offered by INBAR and the logic of addressing the building process is consistent with those of the main project evaluation tools for eco-sustainable interventions.

Do you have a Project?

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Building your custom home, starting from a project you provided, is our specialty.

Whether it is: a single villa, a multi-family house or a building, our construction systems are able to meet your every request.

Send us your project and within a few days we will get back to you to offer you our quote; obviously without any commitment.

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We could have your dream home among the models already available. Structures designed to meet the main housing needs; optimal solutions to create a practical and comfortable environment for your home shelter.

Our Services


The Design

For the construction of Casa Tua it is necessary to be followed by a technician who will accompany you along the entire route, from design to construction, including Rendering (photographic simulation of the construction).
If you do not have one, we can provide it to you, including the rendering service.


The Foundation

The Foundation will allow Your House to link to a solid audience. Its realization must be carried out by a specialized company.
We can provide this service.


The Construction Site

Even the construction and safety of the site as well as the related paperwork is a service we can provide.


The Construction

Of course we specialize in building both private and commercial buildings in the various technologies you choose.



The houses we build can be certified by one of the institutes we present on our site.


Unique Interlocutor

To relieve you of having to deal with too many people, we offer ourselves as a single point of contact so that you can interface with only one reference.

How much does it cost you?

Building a home may not be a simple procedure. We at Venetian Haus want it to be like that instead. Our experience has made us understand that those who have decided to build never know what goes against.
We have decided to be clear and to make each step transparent.

Finishing Level

Raw, Advanced Raw, Complete Raw or Turnkey?
This is the first question that one asks when deciding to build a house. Certainly the choice of the most appropriate finishing level depends on your goal.
On the internet we often come across offers of prices per square meter of which, however, the offer is not very clear.
Also in this case we decided to make a difference.

Go to the 4 supply levels



Why choose the GREZZO?
The unfinished supply is the ideal solution for those already familiar with the construction of a house. This is the starting level and obviously the cheapest.

What does the GREZZO offer?
Only the carrying structure is proposed, the external coat and the roof while all the closing works, all the internal works and all the finishes are managed directly by the customer.



Why choose the ADVANCED RAW?
The supply to the advanced crude is the ideal solution for those who intend to complete the dwelling in medium-long times and carry out the further completion works of the building.

What does the ADVANCED RAW offer?
This solution, in addition to the one offered in the raw material, also offers the building's closing windows, while all the internal works and all the finishes are managed directly by the customer.



Why choose the COMPLETE RAW?
The complete crude supply is the most advantageous and most requested solution because we make all the building works.

What does the COMPLETE RAW offer?
This solution offers the client the construction of all the building works of the building, both those relating to the bearing structure with coat and roof, and the internal building works such as false walls, partition walls, foundations and screeds, all the work relating to doors and windows, systems and finishes.



Why choose the TURNKEY?
The supply of a turnkey house is the worry-free solution, suitable for those who are not practical in the construction sector, to those who do not want to have thoughts in managing the various artisans and to those who want the construction of a building quickly.

What does the TURNKEY offer?
This solution offers all the internal and external building works related to the construction, the windows, the systems and the finishes of your new home. With this offer, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the realization of the home of your dreams.

Compare supply levels

Confronta i vari Livelli di Fornitura

e scegli quello più adatto alle tue esigenze



As specified it is our policy to be clear. The price per square meter indicated is the one on which we have the certainty, and for this reason it is indicated.

The prices on which we cannot be certain are the municipal charges (which are communicated by the municipality where the house will be built only after the presentation of the project), and the cost of the stalls that can be confirmed only after the report by the geologist ( depending on the terrain he finds, the excavation that will follow will or will not be modified). The connections (which depend on the chosen company) are also excluded.

Of course! It is sufficient that you contact us at the email address: info@venetianhaus.com or at the telephone number: ITA: +39 049 490 67 86 - CH: +41 43 50 80 023.

Yes. It is our company policy to relieve the customer of having to deal with other stakeholders. In this way we manage the laborers until the completion of the building, this avoids the accumulation of stress by the Customer.

If you prefer, you can choose a delivery to the rough, so as to complete your home yourself or the labor of your trust.

Yes of course, on request we can also provide the exterior of your home.

We only take care of the construction of your home. However, we have many collaborators who deal with land. On request we can consult them to try to find something that can satisfy you.

On request we can also take care of renovations at all levels.

At the end of the work we stipulate a ten-year insurance policy.

All the materials we use are certified, plus on request we can certify Casa Tua with one of the certification institutes we list on our site.

The brick houses, which represent an obsolete technology, do not cost less and often present increases on the budgeted at the end of the works. This is not possible in prefabricated building, where everything must be decided at the table before starting work, and once decided, so remains.

Another advantage of green building is the use of natural materials that allow a level of certification that starts from the A3-A4 class up to the maximum class.

Simulations and field tests have proved that during earthquakes the wooden houses "wave" in an elastic way, remaining standing where the brick ones do not succeed, the steel ones remain standing thanks to their high structural strength.

The same is also true in the event of a storm, and if anchored adequately to the foundation, the prefabricated house has no reason to be more unstable than any other house built with other technologies.

On the contrary, accidents on the camp have indicated that thanks to the phenomenon of carbonation, the wooden houses burn more slowly and allow more time to evacuate the building and therefore also for the arrival of relief.

We have entered into commercial agreements with various suppliers, thereby succeeding in lowering supply prices, which is why we are able to reduce our prices so much.

The market is full of companies that make prefabricated houses in green building, so the choice for you should not be easy, but we can tell you that we believe in what we do and we still believe in an eco-sustainable future, our homes can really help the environment and create a different world. We hope you believe it too.

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